Anonymous Vanderbilt Business Owner

  • The bus situation is insane, there needs to be something done about that.
  • The Friday evening shutdown seems to be an awful lot of fuss/headache for not that much actual open street time. It hardly seems worth the money they must spend for it.
  • The biggest issue for me though (again, just as an observer) is the overwhelming presence of bicycles and scooters. Calling it Open Streets is laughable when half of the street is unusable for actual people with hobbyist cyclists bombing down the hill in spandex or Seamless delivery guys using it as an express lane. One of our staff saw a kid get knocked down and subsequently shouted at by a cyclist! It’s honestly easier to jaywalk during normal business hours than it is during Open Streets sometimes. Anyway, that’s the biggest issue for me. I’m happy to deal with the minor headaches of weekend delivery and even worse parking if it’s something the neighborhood uses and enjoys, but will not support it if half the project is ultimately a velodrome for Brooklyn’s most annoying cyclists or a free addition to UberEats’s infrastructure.