Art Bar and Cafe

To Whom It May Concern:

I am co-owner of the Art Café and Bar located at 884 Pacific Street.

I’m writing because I am displeased with the un-announced changes made to Underhill Avenue.  As a business owner located on Underhill Avenue (our business has entrances on both Pacific Street and Underhill Avenue), I expect to have input into any major changes made by the City officials who are supposed to represent me. However, we were never contacted before changes were made to hear our opinion or to discuss the potential impact on our business.

Our business has an active driveway that we need to keep open. However, because of the parking spaces eliminated by the Underhill re-design, individuals are now resorting to parking illegally in our driveway.

Not only has this re-design negatively impacted my business but I was dismayed to see so many resources spent on something that was unnecessary when there are other areas in Brooklyn that are sorely in need of those resources.

I understand that these changes are currently under review and strongly urge that Underhill Avenue be returned to its original status.


Art Café and Bar
884 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238