BK Sub

To Whom It May Concern,

I am the owner of Brooklyn Sub. I started the business 21 years ago. Since Open Streets and the installation of the Underhill Bike boulevard, I have seen unwelcome changes in the neighborhood. I live in Long Island and need to drive to work every day. My mother lives in Queens and often visit her after work,  making public transportation not a workable option. Parking is getting really hard in this neighborhood due to these changes and the new construction and new people. This affects me and some of my workers. Half my customers come by car and they have a hard time finding parking. That means they double park on Bergen, which causes other problems.    

Also Traffic on Washington is really bad. Cars don’t go down Underhill as they used to, which means more on Washington Avenue. When Vanderbilt is shut down for Open streets it is worse. Backed up traffic means more pollution, honking and dangerous driving by frustrated drivers.  I urge you to return Underhill to its original state and reduce the days of Open Streets to one-day for less months so it doesn’t affect my business so much.

Thank you.

Brooklyn Sub 
751 Bergen