House of Hair

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the owner of the House of Hair, a beauty salon located at 615 Washington Avenue, and am writing to let you know that I strongly oppose Vanderbilt Avenue Open Streets and the changes made to Underhill Avenue.

These initiatives have a significant negative impact not only on my business but for anyone who lives, works, or patronizes businesses on Washington Avenue.

As a direct consequence of these changes, Washington Avenue, particularly on weekends and evenings, has become a traffic nightmare. The traffic jam starts at the corner of Washington and Atlantic Avenues because cars can no longer turn right on Underhill Avenue. And, because of the barriers put in place, what used to be a second lane, enabling cars to turn right onto Pacific, has now become one lane so turning cars are stuck behind cars moving straight ahead.

Because of the increased traffic, cars are constantly idling as they wait to move forward, creating air pollution. Further, it results in noise pollution as well, as angry drivers honk their horns in frustration.

As a small business that has operated on Washington Avenue for 15 years, I implore you to eliminate Vanderbilt Open Streets and return Underhill Avenue to its original state.


House of Hair
615 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11238