Prospect Heights Eastern Spa

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the owner of the Prospect Heights Eastern Spa located on 653 Vanderbilt Avenue. 

I am writing to let you know that I am not in favor of allowing Vanderbilt Avenue Open Streets to continue next year.  This initiative has resulted in much less business for my store, as it actually makes it more difficult for customers to locate and travel to our storefront. Not only are fewer customers coming, but there are many cases of customers who have to cancel appointments last-minute due to a lack of parking in the entire area. Additionally, loud music that is often played in the streets during this event is very disruptive to our business. It is impossible to create a quiet and peaceful environment for our customers. I am sure that the noise pollution affects many other businesses along the avenue as well.

I urge you to take action to help small businesses like mine, that are negatively impacted by the Vanderbilt Avenue Open Streets event.


Prospect Heights Eastern Spa
653 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn, NY. 111238